24 Karat Gold Nevermind & In Utero Sealed

Nevermind & In Utero plated in 24 Karat gold.


Next item to be posted is my set of Ultradisc II master recordings of Nevermind and In Utero.  These have been quite collectible.  I originally purchased In Utero in this format years ago when they were first released.  I was also stupid to unseal it and put the disc in a CD wallet which in turn got scratched and blemished to all hell.  Had I known the value of these would increase from $24.99 up to $600 bucks, I would’ve been much smarter.  Luckily I grabbed these up at a good price on Ebay not too long ago.  Still sealed in mint condition.  For collectors out there, get these while the price is seemingly low, since compact discs will probably be wiped off the market within the next decade.

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Updates! Kurt Cobain Tribute Shirt 1967-1994

Anvil T-Shirt Kurt Cobain 1967-1994

Sorry for a delay in posts.  I’ve had a busy schedule between school and work so getting online has been a task.  So for my first post, since the hiatus, is this.  A 1994 Kurt Cobain tribute t-shirt size Large.  If anyone who reads this was alive and old enough to remember Kurt’s death, then they should remember these.  I had 2 of these when I was 15.  You could find these at every mall at that time, I recall getting mine at Spencer’s Gifts.  Sadly mine became faded, rusted, and worn out so I donated them.  After I started to build my collection again I looked for these online and they’ve become very scarce…and pricey.  I was able to obtain this through a vintage t-shirt shop online and I’m glad to have found it in very well taken care of condition.  I figured after listing musical selections for the last few posts that I would post something clothing related.  Collectors enjoy and comment if you’d like!


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The day has arrived! Love Buzz

Back Cover. Signed by Chad Channing.

After some time of bidding wars on Ebay and researching many sites for the right one, I am finally the proud owner of the Love Buzz/Big Cheese 7″ single released in 1988.  This is where it all started.  Nirvana had gone into Reciprocal Studios with $600 bucks in hand and recorded the tracks that would later appear on the album Bleach.  They signed with Sub Pop and this was the first single released from Sub Pop records.  This is the real deal.  I’ve spent my time studying.  I’ve looked for all the little signs of the circulating fakes.  After figuring in my long term budgeting plan for the following year, I went on a whim and made the final purchase.  I will not disclose through this website what I ended up paying overall, I can just say that it was worth every dime.  When I first got back into collecting, I felt the vinyl releases were overrated.  I’m personally a bigger fan of compact discs and cassettes for the sentimental value I have growing up with them, but after handling my first Nirvana vinyl, something just felt right about it.  I’ve had a better appreciation for them since.  A few more notes about this copy.  It’s been autographed by original drummer, Chad Channing.  I have seen other copies out there signed by all three members and Dave Grohl or copies signed by only a couple members minus Kurt.  This one is still very cool either way, autograph or not.  Also for newcomers to the realm of the Love Buzz single, it is a promo copy.  The red slash means it’s one of about 200 copies that were not of the original 1,000 copies.  It has all of the etchings engraved in the vinyl of the product codes including “trade those guitars for shovels” as well.  Many fakes don’t have that info so be careful buyers.  If anyone has any questions or comments, by all means, leave some feedback!  Thanks for reading, and many more items are to come soon.

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Pennyroyal Tea Single RARE

Hello everyone!  Time for another new posting to the Nirvana Collection.  This is a VERY RARE Pennyroyal Tea Single.  Some info about this item.  During the promotion of In Utero, Nirvana had released two singles.  Heart Shaped Box and All Apologies.  The third was going to be Pennyroyal Tea but Kurt’s tragic death put a halt on everything.  This single had already been shipped out to distributors in England and Europe.  It contains the B-side, I Hate Myself and Want to Die.  Because of that B-side and the timing of Kurt’s death, DGC felt it was disrespectful to keep this on the market, so they ordered all copies to be destroyed.  With that news being issued, most copies were destroyed but others were stolen, kept, and so forth with the owners knowing the rarity of them.  I tracked down this copy on Ebay, once again, and the price was fair compared to prices I’ve seen recently.  There is no telling how many copies, including fakes, exist which is the true selling point to this disc.  Some speculators say 200 copies and some will argue 400.  Just make sure that anyone who tries to find a copy must make sure it is 100% legit.  There should be a sonopress printing near the center hub.  If you see a bunch of +++++++ signs then it’s a fake.  Also the sleeve can show signs of being a fake.  If the text on the spline isn’t matching then it too means fake.  I will be posting links to a couple sites that have been a huge help to me and other cool sites for any Nirvana fan to check out.  I’ve been doing my best to post official releases.  I’m not too big on the bootlegs out on the market nowadays.  If I get a big enough collection to where I feel I have nothing better to do but buy bootlegs, maybe.  Til then, leave me some input on this.  Did you recently buy a copy that you wonder is fake?  How many copies have you come across as a fan or collector?  Take care!

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From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah 4 disc set

4 Disc Set

Hello again fellow collectors.  I said I’d post something soon and now that I’ve found 5 minutes to myself, I decided to post this little gem.  This is a special release off of the From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah album.  This was released mainly to the Australian market and contains the 3 singles that were used to promote the album.  It also contains Nevermind: It’s An Interview, which was released originally in 1992.  This has become a little more harder to find but in most cases can be found occasionally on Ebay.  It’s a bit shocking what the value of this has gotten up to for just 3 songs and an interview, but with a limited run of 3,000, this one is bound to become more sought after in a few years.  My copy is in fair condition and is No. 1,705 out of 3,000.  Who else has this item and what’s your opinion on it?  Does anyone have Number 1 out of 3,000?

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My quest for Love Buzz

Hello collectors.  Just posting to fill in some space on the blog.  I will be posting another item soon so please be patient.  In the meantime I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced Love Buzz/Big Cheese 7″.  Of course the real copy, not some awful bootlegged version.  This has become harder and harder to come by seeing that with time expanding since it’s initial release, the value and rareness of it goes up.  I did find a copy on Ebay recently and at first the price was fairly low and by the last few seconds of the auction it shot up to over 4 grand!  I actually posted a last minute bid on it and my heart started pounding until I realized that I just entered a Love Buzz shark tank.  There are a couple copies that have shown up on Ebay again.  One leaves me questioning the authenticity.  I mean it looks legit and it’s on the sliver.it site but anyone can steal images from there and re-post them in an auction.  I did offer to make a payment process with the seller but if it was a fake then I’d be screwed either way.  The other one I’m waiting to see what happens in the next couple days.  If anyone has any copies they want to sacrifice, let me plead my sad sack story to get a good deal.  I’m a college student and a father and a full time worker.  Cut me a good deal!!  I say all of this in joking manner of course but yeah, hook a collector up someone!  Leave your comments and let me know if you’re on the same quest.

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First Item Posting

Nirvana Cassette Singles

The Six Nirvana Singles Released on Cassette

Today I’ll be posting my collection of Nirvana’s six singles all released in cassette form.  Now for most of you this isn’t too huge of a deal.  This is like seeing your mom’s old 8 track collection posted online and thinking why something so old and seemingly useless is even being talked about.  Well for one thing, “experts” are saying that cassettes are making a comeback.  Due to the lack of cassettes in the market, they’re turning into this generation’s equivalent to nostalgic vinyl.  With that said, it took me quite a bit of time to track most of these down.  I must thank Ebay for narrowing the search.  I will say that the In Bloom is by far the hardest one to find in this set.  In Bloom, Heart Shaped Box, and All Apologies were released only to the European market so you’ll have better luck on retail sites in that country.  Another site I’ve used to track down rare Nirvana releases is http://www.Discogs.com.  This site is pure awesomeness.  It’s primarily a site dedicated to vinyl collectors, but they do a good job weeding out what’s real and what’s fake, giving good descriptions on all items listed.  If anyone comes to this blog and has any more info on any of these cassettes, leave some feedback.  Or if you are one of the few who own the In Bloom cassette, what did it take to get yours?  With the hype over the Love Buzz/Big Cheese Single and the Pennyroyal Tea Single, I think these will fall in the ranks of being very rare Nirvana collectibles.

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Hi there, just giving you some info about this blogspot.  It’s a place for all fans of the band, Nirvana, to unite, share stories, and leave comments.  I will NOT post links to access bootlegged material.  I’ll will mainly be posting some of the items in my Nirvana collection (Rare items, dvd’s, magazines, etc.) so leave any feedback you can on my posts.  Let me know if you have a collection and need help finding something out there to complete it.

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